About the manufacturer „Little Doctor International (S) Pte. Ltd“


8/10/20212 min read

Little Doctor International (S) Pte. Ltd. has been operating for over 30 years. It was established in 1986 in Singapore. The manufacturer focuses exclusively on medical technology, so all the experience gained over three decades is reflected in today's products.

Quality assurance certificates and protocols

Little Doctor produces high-level medical equipment for Europe, the USA and the CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.). As the trade takes place almost all over the world, the products are certified and meet all international and local safety and quality requirements.

The ISO 13485 international quality assurance standard has been implemented in all factories. This standard covers all production processes from product development to the packaging and labeling of the manufactured product and guarantees the quality of all production processes.

All devices manufactured by the company comply with the requirements of the European Directive 93/42 / EEC on the marketing of medical devices and have a CE certificate, which ensures product safety.

The Little Doctor is an advanced company that cares about the environment. No harmful substances are used in the production, the production process complies with the RoHS directive.

Production and innovation

Mažasis Daktaras manufactures mechanical, semi-automatic, and automatic blood pressure monitors, inhalers, thermometers, half oximeters, stethoscopes, and oral irrigators.

Mechanical (aneroid) blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes

LD products are focused not only on the use at home but also on professionals. Little Doctor is not limited to several mechanical models of blood pressure monitors and sells classic type, combined type, impact resistance, pediatric, and permanent mechanical blood pressure monitors. Cardiological, neonatal, obstetric, etc. are also produced for professionals. stethoscopes.

Automatic (digital) blood pressure monitors

All of the company's digital blood pressure monitors are clinically certified, their accuracy is confirmed according to the BHS protocol. The company's goal is to produce high-quality, functional, accurate, and affordable blood pressure monitors for every patient.


The “Little Doctor” is based on research and one of the first initial production of an inhaler with a total particle size that is adjustable, then patients can easily tailor the therapy to their needs.

Oral irrigators

The company owns the Aquajet brand. Oral irrigators aquajet - the best value for money. The company's goal is to offer the consumer a premium-level oral irrigator at an average market price.

All of this company’s digital blood pressure monitors are clinically evaluated and approved under the British Hypertension Association (BHS) protocol.

Service and customer care

All products are guaranteed for up to 3 years, and every customer will be taken care of. In addition to the products, the company supplies all trading partners with an additional part (cuffs, various nozzles, manometers, hoses and other additional products), then customers do not need to change the entire device if only the additional part breaks down and wears out.

Aceso.lt is the official distributor and trade partner of Little Doctor in Lithuania, then our e-mail. The store is authorized to find all questions related to the distribution of products in Lithuania. Customers who purchase Little Doctor products for maximum fast service, and in the event of a failure, replace the product with a new one, cannot provide customer fields until a repair is performed.

Official company page: https://littledoctor.sg/ (information in foreign languages ​​only)

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH79W_RA2RWQP6fzBxyZzQQ (information in foreign languages ​​only)